No Fate But What We Make

by Ready For The Fall

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released March 16, 2014

Recorded in Nov/Dec 2013 at HEAVYBEAT Studios, Campbelltown
Produced, mixed and mastered by Wade Garnett.

Album art designed by Cheeky Fringe Design.

All songs and lyrics composed by Kevin Tiah, Kane Yong, Ryan Gavan and Rhys Phillips.

Special thanks to Vizual for synths/electronic instrumentation.



all rights reserved


Ready For The Fall Sydney, Australia

Ready For The Fall is a four piece Sydney based post-hardcore band. Through blending the strongest elements of their musical roots such as 90s pop punk and metal with recent hardcore influences, the resulting cocktail was a melodic mixture of dual guitar riffage, punk anthem choruses, violent breakdowns and bloodcurdling screams. Get on this shit kids. ... more

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Track Name: No Fate
I may not look it but I’m the one that’s pure
Your comforts came in blood
You’re the one who’s insecure
You’re shallow hearted and you run your mouth again
I will expose you as the one who has taken it all

Run away, run away, run away from everything
Run away, live your life in fear
You can say your fate is what you make it
In the end we disappear

I lost you in my sights, you disappeared right on cue
The sea of my enemies, yeah
You never made it through the silent voices in the room
Residing in my darkest memories

My efforts are in vain; you’re my deception
You trapped me in your spell
Put a crack deep into my skull
You’re shallow hearted and kill my brightest side
I tried to make it work but all you’ve done is drag me to the ground

We’re surrounded by the shadows of woe
The tears have left you desperate for the cure

Run away from the past
Let’s kill the lights tonight
Run away from the past
I’m on the other side x2

Take my hand
Track Name: They Never Really Learnt Their Lesson Did They?
Open you eyes for a moment and I’m back
This fake reality with everything I thought I had
But it disappears without the slightest trace
Who could’ve known you were just a name without a face?

As I close my eyes
The black becomes a little clearer
As I shut them tight
I know what needs to be said

Rise up against those who drag you down x2
Cry out for those who don’t make a sound
Cry out for the ones who don’t make a sound
Break through the chains that have you bound
They have you bound right now x2

Trapped in a cage built to exploit my deepest paranoia
Try to escape, crawling on my hands and knees
All the walls are closing in, horizon’s beyond my reach
Are you even listening?
Cause I have so much left to teach

You’ll never bring me down
You’ll never drag me down
Cry out for those
Who don’t make a sound

They have me right now
Track Name: Silent Hostilities
I’m here, I’m waiting
My heart is slowly fading
I’m now, you’re never
This can’t go on forever

Have you ever felt like this?
Faith lost when you were so damn sure
I should’ve known that you were
Nothing more than empty words
Have you ever been overwhelmed?
Drown a sea of enemies
This town ain’t big enough for silent hostilities

You drowned and buried long lost dreams down under
You’ve lost it all there’s nothing
There’s nothing to live for
Your fate is on you now, as your soul degrades
Your scars have left me
To fall from fucking grace

Just because you hate your life
Not all of us are scared to try
I can see through this pretence
Who are you to criticize?
Who are you to shit on my dreams?
Who the fuck are you to talk?
If you want to reach my heights
Then first you need to fucking fall

Fuck you for everything you’re not
I’ll take everything that you owe
Track Name: Friends Are Forever (But Forever Isn't)
Picking up the pieces
You cut the strings
You fell away from me
Leaving bittersweet memories
Used and discarded
Trapped between these walls
Wishful thinking
It won’t save us anymore

A day too late for second chances
A day too soon to make our advances
Loading words unspoken
Down my silver barrel
Pressed into the side of your head

You can take a part of me
I just won’t let it go
You can take a part of me
That’s the way I like it
You played me from the start of this
I just won’t let it go
You played me from the start of this
I won’t stop I’m done with you

You wanna buy my sympathy
I’ll leave a sick surprise
You're falling to your knees so
Look me in the eyes
Your feet, cut and bleeding
You walk this world alone
You turned your back on everyone
That’s why you’re on your own

You threw it all away x3

You can take a part of me
I won’t stop, I’m done with you x4
Track Name: True Calling
How could you think
You'd find a way to erase your mistakes?

This labyrinth was built with a
Ten foot tall fucking gate
Finding yourself
In the same situations?
Nothing's here to save you
Break your fall this time
Nothing's here to break your fall this time

You've done this for the last time
And now it's time to meet your god
Meet your fucking god

Once again you've find yourself
Right in the storm
Try as you may
Your spirit stays broken
Shattered and torn
You know what will haunt you tonight
I won't see you tomorrow

See the anguish you bring?
Won't find a way to erase your mistakes

Cross your fingers behind your back
Because you're always
Biding your time
In the same situations
Watch as your world falls apart
And disintegrates
Every watching
You're no stranger

You can't keep running forever (running forever)
Don't try to fight the shifting sands again (shifting sands again)
You can't keep running forever (running forever)
You'll end up back where all of this began

Fuck this
Just break